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Remote Control

by Jeff Kolar

Power ON 03:10
Skip 01:17
Select 04:53
Exit 04:12
Standby 11:58


Remote Control is an investigation into domestic electromagnetic activity emitting from wireless remote controls. Remote Control transforms pulses of infrared light into audible waves using discarded remote controllers and hand-built amplitude modulators.

Remote Control detects the electronic patterns of infrared energy via a transmitter, a receiver, and a transceiver: a circuit that can both transmit and receive, modulate and demodulate. This open-energy format reveals the sensitive presence and proximity of infrared carrier waves.

Remote Control manipulates short line-of-site transmissions through patterned button pressing (i.e. power on/off, fast-forward/rewind), extended scrolling (i.e. volume, channel up/down), and deep system adjustments (i.e. menu, program).


released April 20, 2014

Performed, Mixed & Mastered By: Jeff Kolar

Recorded By: Martin Leitner, Christian Gortz
Cover Art By: James Connolly


all rights reserved



Jeff Kolar Chicago, Illinois

Jeff Kolar is a composer, sound artist, radio producer, and curator. He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform established in 2010.

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